On July 29th, 2013 a man and his wife were exiting their home when two masked attackers attempted a home invasion.  After being pistol whipped, the husband was able to successfully gain access to a gun that was in their vehicle and shoot the attacker multiple times.

 In a move that should surprise no one that has followed this story from the beginning, the jury in the George Zimmerman case has returned a verdict of “Not Guilty.”  The jury is to be commended for not allowing emotions or suspicions hold sway over a dispassionate review of the facts.  Quite simply, the state failed to prove their case.  This is the standard by which our system operates. 

Three bills have been introduced affecting gun rights in the first part of the current two year Ohio legislative session, the 130th Ohio General Assembly.

SB 60 is a bill introduced by Senator Uecker (R-District 14)and two co-sponsors. It was introduced on March 15 and is in the Senate Criminal

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