A couple months ago a Denny’s restaurant made news when they told officers of an Illinois police department they couldn’t carry their guns in the restaurant.   Aside from just looking like complete fools, the restaurant,  to paraphrase the Ohioans for Concealed Carry No Guns = No Money cards , “Lost our business now and in the future” according to the Belleville Police Chief when he banned his officers from frequenting the place.

Emailing companies to get them to change their policies never works. Right?

Well, maybe, maybe not. A recent Facebook post seen by yours truly sent me off on a little adventure. It seems Gearhog.com was advertising Thermold 30-round magazines on behalf of Tactical Eagle. Unfortunately, Gearhog's ad came with

The Miamisburg Sportsmen's Club has passed a unanimous resolution opposing any new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. The resolution also states that any infringement promoted by elected officials will be regarded as a violation of their oath of office and a hostile action against their constituents.

"Over the past few months, politicians and media outlets have claimed that a majority of firearm owners favor new gun control," said Mike Kinsey, Trustee of the Miamisburg Sportsmen's Club. "With this unanimous resolution, we show our elected officials that this certainly is not the case."

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