Ohioans for Concealed Carry’s Nine Annual Fun n Gun is approaching quickly.  The festivities are being held at the Rochester Rod & Gun Club on Saturday, May 4th.

With stages conveniently located, friendly, like-minded folks will sling lead and break bread (a delicious hot lunch is provided) sharing in the satisfaction of knowing that their participation is helping OFCC continue our efforts on your behalf.

If you’re tired of being jammed in a “lane” at local indoor ranges or unable to train realistically because your range prohibits you from drawing from your holster, then you have to experience Fun N Gun!


The 117th Boston Marathon will be an event runners, the people of Boston, and the rest of America will never forget.  Ohioans for Concealed Carry would like to send our greatest sympathies out to those involved and their family members.  

With 4:09:43 showing on the race clock (just under two hours from the winner crossing), runners were crossing the finish line when multiple explosions occurred just before the finish line.  With three confirmed fatalities and more than 140 injured, this has become one of the greatest attacks on the American people since September 11, 2001. 

When things move fast in Washington and compromise is in the air, hold on tight to your rights!
It's bad enough that an NRA A-rated Senator like Toomey has apparently sold out. Worse, this bill seems to be on a fast-track of some kind, scheduled

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