When things move fast in Washington and compromise is in the air, hold on tight to your rights!
It's bad enough that an NRA A-rated Senator like Toomey has apparently sold out. Worse, this bill seems to be on a fast-track of some kind, scheduled

Late last week we shared with you a statement from Senator Rob Portman avowing his staunch support for the Second Amendment. In today’s Columbus Dispatch the good Senator seems to be dialing that staunchness back a bit.

Portman not sure whether he'll filibuster guns bill

NOWis the time

Smug anti-gunners love to quip, "You never hear of a drive by stabbing or a mass stabbing like you do with shootings."  Well, be on the lookout for bayonets on Buicks, because a mass stabbing just happened in Houston.
While the anti-gun folks rock back and forth mumbling to themselves in denial, let me explain how these things happen.  There are evil, violent people in the world.  These people are willing to inflict harm on innocent victims with any and every tool at their disposal.  If they can grab a brick, they'll smash your skull with it.  If they have nothing, they'll strangle you with their bare hands.

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