Amidst all the national media attention being given to potential gun control measures, there are lives being saved by...GUNS

If you do your homework (because the mainstream media rarely reports these stories), you can routinely find verifiable stories  of "everyday" citizens like you and me using legally owned firearms to save lives.  It may be their life, the life of their children or maybe even a police officer.   

Ohioans for Concealed Carry is pleased to announce that through the generosity of an OFCC member who wishes to remain anonymous, a five (5) year membership to OFCC is being randomly awarded to one (1) individual who either, writes a pro gun article to be published on OFCC's main web page (to be used at the discretion of OFCC) or a letter to the editor of a newspaper. 

In addition to the five-year membership, OFCC is awarding a free admission for you and a guest to either 2014 or 2015’s Annual Fun N Gun event.  This award is non transferable.

Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol as an indictment of nineteenth century industrialization and economic social classes. The following is a modern take on the tale exploring a different issue, reprinted from 2009.

That Marley was dead there could be no doubt. All the papers carried the news, the coroner had performed a thorough autopsy, and Scrooge himself had identified the body and bore witness at the funeral.

Was Scrooge certain in his identification? Of course he was! Scrooge and Marley had been friends for more years than either could remember and both considered the other to be family. In reality, each others’ only friend and the only family either cared to associate with.

Marley was a long time politician spending many years at different levels of politics, holding the office of U.S. Senator when he died. Though respected by colleagues and considered a flagstone of his political party, he showed little caring for fellow politicians. Secretly, he hated most of his constituents though was sure to put on a good air while in public to ensure reelection.

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