Despite his past support for sweeping gun-control laws, Governor John Kasich began to redefine himself as a pro-gun-rights governor by signing SB 17, the Restaurant Carry bill, into law last June. But questions arose about his new pro-rights stance when, last month, he announced his support for Ohio Senate Bill 305, which outlaws hidden compartments in vehicles.

According to the bill's sponsors, Sen. Jim Hughes and Sen. Tom Patton, SB 305 is intended to give police and prosecutors another tool to use against drug smugglers.

Unfortunately, we often have seen how innocent people suffer when the “intent” of a law is pushed aside.

SB 305 as currently worded can make a felon of anyone who drives a vehicle containing a compartment with hidden contents. The vehicle is the object of the crime, not the contents of the compartment. The entire text of SB 305 can be viewed here.

Most U.S. print newspapers will be gone in the next five years, according to a studyreleased last month by the Annenberg School of the University of Southern California. "It’s likely that only four major daily newspapers . . . will continue in print: The New York Times, USA

Back on Feb. 24, we criticized the bureaucrats at Major League Baseball who had called for the removal of a gun image from the Houston Astros' vintage jerseys.

This season at Friday home games, the Astros plan to wear jerseys from different periods in the team's history. In 1964, they

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