Here's the link to our video about the dangers of SB-305 (the "hidden compartment" bill): LINK.

Please call your legislator in the Ohio House of Representatives and express your opposition to SB-305. There is only a very short time left to stop this dangerous bill.

OFCC Directors Doug Deeken and Gary Witt on May 16 met with four members of the Ohio House of Representatives to voice OFCC’s continuing objections to SB 305, the "hidden compartments" bill. The Senate recently passed the bill, 30-2.

The House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, which

Since SB 305, the "hidden compartment" bill, passed the Ohio Senate on May 3, OFCC has turned its attention to members of the State House of Representatives. The following letter was recently sent to all 99 House members:

Dear Representative,

Since before SB305 was introduced in the Ohio Senate, Ohioans For Concealed Carry (OFCC) has been concerned with this legislation's treatment of the private property rights of law abiding citizens. Our objection is not just about the transportation of firearms -- it is about the safe, lawful storage of anything a person might wish to secure from today's smash and grab thieves.

Let us be clear: We don't advocate protecting criminals or drug trafficking mules. Nevertheless, we oppose the idea that the next step in the war on drugs must criminalize the possession of empty containers on the basis of what a police officer believes the future intent of that container might be. The recent suggestion that a citizen accused under this legislation can simply "prove their intent in court" turns Fourth Amendment jurisprudence on its head.

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