Opponent testimony for SB 305, the "hidden compartments" bill, will be heard on Tuesday, May 1, 3:15 p.m., in the North Hearing Room at the Statehouse in Columbus.

OFCC members are encouraged to attend. It would be helpful (but not absolutely necessary) to wear an OFCC shirt

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From time to time, the good citizens of Ohio are confronted by proposed legislation that is so farfetched in its premise, ill-conceived in its language, overreaching in its provisions, and abusive of principles in our state and federal constitutions, that it must be immediately and completely opposed.

We face this challenge today with Ohio Senate Bill 305, which would criminalize hidden compartments in vehicles.

Just four weeks ago, we published an article called Hidden Compartment Bill Raises Red Flags, in which we questioned the proposal's impact on law-abiding citizens.

Under the provisions of this bill, Ohioans driving a vehicle with an added compartment, box, or container can quickly be charged with a felony. Instead of receiving a simple traffic ticket after missing a stop sign or forgetting to signal a turn, a driver with an extra storage device on board could be led away in handcuffs and incarcerated. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers, RVs, and motor homes are all targeted by the bill.

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