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The Ohioans For Concealed Carry Wiki is a special website devoted to documenting the intricacies of Ohio Firearms laws. This area of our website is aimed to become a group collaboration. If you've seen the very popular Wikipedia website or any other "Wiki" running the same software this website and its navigation, layout, etc. will be very familiar to you.

The content within this website is written by the concealed carry community and as such is subject to occasional factual or typographical errors. The beauty of a Wiki is that virtually anyone may edit virtually any page.

If you see something wrong, or any area where we need help expanding upon a topic you can get involved and help us document the intricacies of Ohio firearms laws. The best way to get involved is to join the OhioCCWforums.org website and establish a reputation there. Then, reach out to any moderator on the forums and offer to help contribute to this website.

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