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FIrearm ownership in Ohio comes down to meeting certain basic requirements including the age of the individual, the criminal history of the individual, the type of firearm in question, and if the individual is deemed to be "under disability". This page will attempt to explain these qualifications in detail.

Understand that all federal laws with respect to possession or ownership of a firearm come into play and may not be fully explored here in their entirety.


Minimum Age

  • A person in Ohio must be at least twenty-one years old to own, purchase, or have transfered into their ownership any handgun.
  • A persion must be at least eighteen years old to own, purchase, or have transfered into their ownership any other firearm.

Possession vs. Ownership

Ownership and possession are two distinctly different topics. As explained above in the Minimum Age section it is unlawful to sell or provide a minor under the age of 21 a handgun, or someone under 18 with any "firearm". The distinction here is that a person 18 years of age may lawfully own most long guns. These are the relevant statutes:

§2923.21 Improperly furnishing firearms to a minor.
§2923.211 Underage purchase of firearm or handgun.

A person who can lawfully own a firearm can "furnish" (or allow someone to have) a firearm for specific lawful activity:

...including: lawful hunting, sporting, or educational purposes, including, but not limited to, instruction in firearms or handgun safety, care, handling, or marksmanship under the supervision or control of a responsible adult; (§2923.21(A)(3))

Under weapons disability

Relief from weapons disability

Intoxication & possession or use

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