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We understand that some people may not understand why an Ohio non-profit organization would establish a postal address outside of the State of Ohio - we struggled with this decision ourselves knowing the reaction many would have. This wiki page is an attempt to eleviate any concerns or confusion over sending membership payments to this address.

In March of 2013 Ohioans For Concealed Carry established a postal mailing address in Grandville, Michigan and began moving our membership processing to this address:

OFCC Membership Processing
2885 Sanford Ave SW #24874
Grandville, MI 49418-1342

This is a legitimate business that receives mail on behalf of it's customers identified by unique "box" numbers, makes the contents of that mail available to us via a website, and then allows the mail to be redelivered to any destination or shredded. Checks found in an envelope can be redelivered directly to a bank for deposit. Savvy internet searchers will discover that the building is a nondescript industrial building in a warehouse district - Obviously, there are no OFCC volunteers or employees at this facility.

As a non-profit organization that has not established a permanent physical office we take advantage of modern virtualization. We use cloud based groupware and project management, electronic meeting services such as Cisco's WebEx conferencing, and email to communicate and coordinate OFCC activities.

OFCC has been searching for a stable postal address solution to resolve the challenges brought on by repeatedly moving a USPS post office box to an available and reliable volunteer. Even when we have a volunteer available to check our USPS post office boxes it has been a challenge to retrieve, distribute, and process the contents regularly. When we move a postal address we must destroy most of our printed material that references the old address and reprint it. That material which is already in circulation continues to generate eventual mail to an abandoned address. Today, six to seven years after closing our Garfield Heights, Ohio PO Box, we have received communication from the current owner that membership dues still arrive at that PO Box. The USPS will only allow you to forward your mail for six months.

What we needed was a company who could receive, scan, and re-deliver paper mail electronically. What we found was a company that does that and automates paper check depositing with our financial institution. Gone are the days of checks being mailed to OFCC and not deposited for 8-16 weeks or longer. With the features offered by Mailbox Forwarding we can now scan everything, electronically distribute items to the responsible volunteer, and then shred the actual paperwork - all from the comfort of our homes via a management website.

Unfortunately, an exhaustive search to find a competitive offering from an Ohio based company, even if marginally more expensive, was unsuccessful.

We don't do all of our business in Ohio

It should not come as a surprise to many that OFCC does business with numerous companies outside of Ohio. More than 90% of the items in our webstore are stored and fulfilled by a New York based company that embroidered our first shirts in 1999 and has grown with us since our inception. Our websites are hosted by companies headquartered in or using data centers in California, Texas, and Virginia to name a few.

The National Rifle Association is a New York based corporation, it's headquarters are in Virginia, yet their membership processing is a Palm Coast Florida address.

Is my mail secure?

Yes. Mailbox Forwarding processes mail for a large number of clients in three different states. We picked Michigan because it is their primary address and the nearest of their three locations to Ohio. Their business model is to process mail, scan it, extract the contents if requested (and scan it), and then redeliver, destroy, or deposit checks on behalf of their customers. Their facilities are secure and their employees undergo a complete background check before they are hired. Their entire warehouse, including the scanning and processing areas, are under constant 24/7 video surveillance. Non-employees are not allowed anywhere in the mail receiving, processing or storage areas unless accompanied at all times.

Mailbox Forwarding is enrolled with the United States Postal Service as a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agency). In order to work with Mailbox Forwarding OFCC had to file a form 1583 with the United States Postal Service.

I could use one of these mailboxes myself...

If you want your own account with Mailbox Forwarding consider using our mailbox number, 24874, as your referal code. You will get a free month and so will we!

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