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Welcome to The Ohioans For Concealed Carry Wiki
The Ohioans For Concealed Carry Wiki is a special area of our website designed to deal with the complex questions that come with understanding firearms laws. Since the inception of concealed carry in Ohio our organization has been regularly inundated by questions, and often times we find that firearms instructors have often mislead their students with respect to the law.

This website aims to overcome that challenge and to enlist the numerous people within the community who have become fully informed with respect to the laws of the State of Ohio.

You do not need to login to this website to read any of the public content. The login button at the top of this page is specifically there for the people who have been entrusted to contribute to this Wiki's question and answer content. If you believe that you are capable of contributing to this project please contact us and explain your qualifications.
Start Here
How To Carry Lawfully
Shots Fired
  • The Ohio AG Deadly Force pamphlet
  • Now What: You drew your pistol
  • Now What: You've used deadly force
  • Now What: You've been arrested because of your gun
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