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This article, originally published at ChronWatch.com, is being republished here in its entirety with permission of the author.

Gun Controllers: A Specious Species

Written by Howard Nemerov
Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Every time a state enacts right-to-carry, doomsayers predict scenarios like shoot-outs over parking spaces and traffic stops that turn deadly for law enforcement. That there are now 38 RTC states without such horrors does not deter the gun control addict, for theirs is not a crusade based upon logic or statistical reality. It is the purpose of these writings to expose gun controllers' defective reasoning, to give you the tools for addressing the issues surrounding gun control, and to promote and protect your right to carry.

In 2004, Ohio enacted their RTC law. A recent article, while presenting both sides, has a curious title, Ohio handgun law has had little effect,1 which in itself indicates the inherent media bias against guns. The implication here is that some sort of magic cure for crime was promised by the supporters of the law, which, having not materialized, demonstrates a fatal flaw in the premise of RTC.

The article states that "crime hasn't dropped noticeably." The preliminary 2004 FBI Uniform Crime Report indicates that for the first half of the year, including the first three months of Ohio's RTC law when 26,307 licenses were issued, violent crime dropped in 4 out of 5 cities with populations over 100,000.

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