UPDATE!: The Associated Press is reporting that the defensive shooter in the New Mexico Wal-Mart was a seventy-two year-old concealed handgun license holder. According to the AP police are indicating that "it appears that the shooting will be ruled a justified homicide"...

Ohioans have learned that Wal-Mart stores have consistently removed any "No Guns" signs posted by local management. Ohioans For Concealed Carry has learned that the majority of these signs are the result of local management being duped by "compliance kits" mailed out with the impression that the signs are required by law.

Wal-Mart corporate operations have repeatedly required every single sign to be taken down promptly when representatives or members of Ohioans For Concealed Carry have reported a rogue posting.

Wal-Mart's policy is made clear by this consistent behavior: Holstered firearms in possession of the law-abiding citizen are not prohibited in their stores.

A New Mexico woman is alive today thanks to the fact this policy is enforced nationwide with Wal-Mart.

New Mexico Wal-Mart shoppers who witnessed a woman being stabbed yesterday now understand why law-abiding gun owners desire a means to protect themselves, and in rare cases, others whose lives are in immediate danger with the imminent risk of death.

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Friends of a woman whose name has not been released told Albuquerque (New Mexico) television stations that the injured woman recently obtained a useless restraining order against her ex-husband. While the restraining order tells us quite a bit about the situation, yet again it has proven to be a nearly useless tool for self-defense or prevention of violence.

Despite a court order to stay away from his ex-wife, a man entered a Wal-Mart store and attempted to kill her.

According to Tuscaloosa News, a man whose name has also not been released was in the New Mexico Wal-Mart when he came upon a domestic dispute where a man was repeatedly stabbing a woman.

The unknown man intervened, opening fire on the attacker, saving the life of the badly injured ex-wife.

The knife-wielding attacker died from his injuries.

    Police spokeswoman Trish Hoffman said a witness told authorities that a man had been stabbing the woman inside the store when another man intervened and shot her attacker.

    Hoffman said the stabbing appeared to stem from a domestic dispute. She did not know the relationship between the woman and the dead man, but friends of the woman told Albuquerque television stations that she had recently obtained a restraining order against her ex-husband.

    "It looks like it's a possibility that the guy who shot the other man will be justified," Hoffman said. "From what witnesses are telling us, it corroborates his story that the male was stabbing the female and he intervened."
Had this poor woman been in a retail store that prohibited firearms for self protection, chances are the man who saved her life would have been turned away at the door, shopped elsewhere, or left his firearm elsewhere.

This woman is alive today because Wal-Mart has taken the high road and made the right decision that has resulted in one innocent woman's life being saved. We all owe a debt of gratitude both to Wal-Mart for bucking the politically correct “easy” decision, and the unknown individual whose life will never be the same after being forced to defend someone he didn’t know.

When most stores and managers are approached to remove their signs the first question they ask is "Why do you think you'd need a gun in here?" -- due to yesterday's unfortunate events we can point to a reason that nobody can deny.

The New Mexico Wal-Mart situation could happen anywhere, at any time, and to anyone of us, armed or not.
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