Ohioans For Concealed Carry has banked with National City Bank for a number of years.  We have numerous business checking, savings, and merchant accounts with the establishment based on an executive management guarantee that National City Bank would simply never prohibit possession of a firearm in their branches by customers.  Since that time this organization has recommended thousands of Ohio Gun owners do their personal or business banking with National City Bank.  Regardless of if you're an NCB/PNC customer right now or a customer of another bank, please read this entire story - there is an action item for everyone below to help us fix this.

As the PNC takeover of National City Bank loomed we knew there was a serious potential for the PNC "No Guns" corporate mentality to be applied to National City Bank.  Today branches across the State of Ohio are closed and newly rebranded PNC employees standing in the parking lot are advising customers of the weekend conversion from NCB to PNC.   The NCB vinyl banners have come down to reveal the PNC signs and logos -- along with the tell tale NO GUNS ALLOWED signs on the doors.   Discuss this in the!

The photo included in this story was taken at the Maple Heights PNC Branch around 12:30pm Saturday.  I provided the two men in the parking lot with an OFCC "NO GUNS = NO MONEY" card along with a receipt from the ATM indicating a substantial balance and advised them that they would be losing the business of Ohio's gun owners if PNC doesn't reverse the policy.  They immediately implied that federal law required the prohibition - which isn't true at all.

Earlier last week OFCC sent a letter to Mr. Michael Burkhart - PNC Assistant Vice President, Executive Client Relations - with a title like that one has to think this man has influence at PNC Bank.  The letter indicated the history Ohio Gun owners have had with National City Bank and advised PNC that Ohioans For Concealed Carry would much rather work with PNC to setup a discount (for members) much like large banks do for large employers in the State of Ohio.

With 200,000+ concealed handgun licensees and an untold number of regular gun owners in Ohio, every bank posting no guns signs is simply telling a niche market "We do not want your business" and we simply can not let this happen without a fight.  If you are currently a PNC customer please gather documentation of any banking you do with them - business to personal, checking to credit card statements - and fax it to Mr. Burkhart's attention at (412) 803-2956 as soon as possible.  If you can't find a fax machine copy it twice and mail it to his attention:  PNC Bank, 38th Floor USX Tower, 600 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, PA. 15222 -- then take all of the information to your nearest branch (if its actually posted) and explain to them what they're going to lose in you as a customer.   If you have a NGNM card (see link above) provide that card to them.

If you are not a PNC customer: Gather your banking information, remove any personal identifying information you don't wish to share, and send it as described above.  Advise PNC and Burkhart that you will move your banking to PNC Bank if they reverse their PNC policy and adopt NCB's long standing acceptance of gun owners at it's branches.  You can also contact PNC via regular Customer Service channels and express your intent to cancel your account if they don't honor National City Bank's long standing policy.




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