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Nearly two weeks ago we began telling Ohio's gun owners to contact PNC bank and complain about their new policy of posting former National City Banks with "No Guns" signs.  We never told anyone to move their finances, but suggested in our discussion forums that if anyone did it they should make it clear what they were doing and why.  Numerous people reported that bank managers simply didn't understand the law, some told us federal law prohibited firearms, and others were shocked to see the signs on their own banks.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry sent two formal letters to executive management requesting an immediate change of policy -- restoring the National City Bank position on this issue.   Unfortunately, PNC Bank has never formally acknowledged our letters nor have they responded to us in any capacity.

This letter in particular was delivered to what we believed to be an executive secretary of the CEO of PNC Bank the day after signs began to appear.  Despite her eagerness to help us on the phone she never returned our call after the fax was received.  If this letter, other efforts we've made to contact PNC, and your personal complaints to local branch management are not instigating this change we can't imagine what else could have done it.

Over the past week we began to hear individual banks known to be posted were suddenly no longer posted, which seemed both odd and promising at the same time.  We've received word from numerous business banking customers that their banking account managers have responded positively to their complaints -- some suggesting that they were positive the signs would come down.   This trend of signs coming down without formal acknowledgement from PNC continued every day, until tonight when we received what we believe to be a leaked internal email communication to every PNC Bank Branch Manager in Ohio.  So many people within the former National City Bank want this policy reversed that we've received tips and pointers from anonymous sources.

However, please understand we have not been able to confirm this email is legitimate, but the language used here seems to be consistent with the signs coming down statewide.

The unconfirmed internal communication states that the "previously planned release of the 'No Weapons' signage for the entire state of Ohio has been put indefinitely on hold" and further instructs Branch Managers to "check your doors for the attached PNC branded signage" especially if their branch "converted in Wave 3" (presumably of the rebranding campaign from NCB to PNC) -- and if they see the sign they should remove it and destroy it in the shredder. (emphasis all added by OFCC)

This policy does not apply to two instances:   1) those locations where the property is leased and the landlord has posted the entire building, and 2) those properties where the bank has installed metal detectors (where the doors automatically lock you in) -- this caveat is consistent with the National City Bank policy and to a certain extent understandable.

What you must do: If your bank Branch is posted print out this story (if you click on the story there should be an icon set above to let you print it out as a PDF) and politely take it to your local Branch Manager.  Ask them to verify the legitimacy of the email shown below and ask them to comply with the corporate policy to remove their signs -- there is no need to make threats of moving your accounts as it appears PNC may be reversing is policy.

This is the email we were provided Wednesday night:


Please be advised that the previously planned release of the "No Weapons" signage for the entire state of Ohio has been put indefinitely on hold. Managers, it is critical that you check your doors for the attached PNC branded signage (particularly if you converted in Wave 3). If you see this sign, remove it and destroy it in shred.

The only locations that may display a "No Weapons" sign would be those with metal detection doors (2) or if your branch is in a leased space (1) and the landlord has put the sign up for the entire building to adhere to. If you have a question about your particular location contact me directly to discuss.


Pat Phelan
Physical Security Specialist
Loss Prevention Department
Central Ohio Market


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