We, as licensed concealed carriers often wonder what we’d do if ever in a situation where we’re forced to draw our firearm to defend our family or ourselves.  For Adam Fox, this situation became a reality on Friday, June 17 at the Sunoco gas station at Wayne Avenue and Keowee Street in Dayton, Ohio where multiple assailants attacked Mr. Fox while he was trying to pump gas into his vehicle.

While inside a Dayton gas station so he could pre-pay for his gas, Fox was confronted by individuals who alluded that they thought his identity was that of someone named “Shawn” and tried to strike up a conversation.  This actually is a common ploy among street criminals.  As Mr. Fox left the building to begin pumping his gas, he was followed by one of the individuals who continued to want to converse with him.  As his tank was filling, Fox recalled during his recent interview with OFCC’s Bill Kelley, that “red flags” were rising and sensed that while looking into the eyes of the man in front of him that things were about to “go south”. 

During this same time the other assailant approached the pumps and then asked Mr. Fox to give them a ride, which he declined to do.  Just as the car’s tank filled, one of the assailants (Brandon Turner) began punching Mr. Fox who then attempted to retreat into his car. “You’re not going anywhere!” one of them said as they pulled at his legs to try and drag Fox from the vehicle.  Hanging onto the steering wheel with his left hand, Fox fortunately was able to retrieve his firearm from the center console of his car.  Fox declared that he had a weapon in an unsuccessful attempt to back off the aggressors. Forced to fire, Mr. Fox discharged two rounds into the abdominal area of Turner.

Seeing an opportunity to escape, Fox fled the gas station in his car while dialing 911. He told the dispatcher of the events that just unfolded.  The dispatcher explained that police were now on scene and that he should return.  With his hands extended outside the window of his car, Mr. Fox waited for the police to approach him.  Handcuffed and placed in the back of a cruiser, Fox was then taken to the Safety Building where he was questioned.  Cooperating with authorities,  Fox was released a short time later.  His firearm was kept with the explanation that he’d be able to retrieve it within a few days.

With a little time to reflect, Mr. Fox feels that under the circumstances, he handled things as well as could be expected. He expressed at one point he had concern that the assailants would try to take his firearm away from him. Fox has posted on the OFCC Forums that he feels it would have been more advantageous if he had his firearm on his person rather than in his console.

Reported by local police, Brandon Turner is cooperating with the investigation and acknowledged that he and Billy Blackburn Jr. at the “spur of the moment” decided to attack Mr. Fox.  Turner admitted that he was highly intoxicated during the attack, which police say is what prevented him from going into shock and dying on the scene after being shot.  Assault charges will likely be filed soon on Blackburn and Turner; while Prosecutors at this time have no plans to charge Fox, as it was deemed justifiable self defense under the circumstances.

Surveillance video from the gas station found here

*Correction: In the original story posted, the name of Brandon Turner was erroneously stated as Brandon Davis.

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