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Opponent testimony for SB 305, the "hidden compartments" bill, will be heard on Tuesday, May 1, 3:15 p.m., in the North Hearing Room at the Statehouse in Columbus.

OFCC members are encouraged to attend. It would be helpful (but not absolutely necessary) to wear an OFCC shirt so that legislators can visually gauge the number of OFCC members in attendance.

The latest version of SB 305, which still does not address several of OFCC's major concerns, can be found here. Troublesome elements in this bill include:

  • If a citizen manufactures their own private compartment, they can be prosecuted.Ā 
  • If a citizen modifies an OEM compartment, they can be prosecuted.
  • There now is an exemption for commercially manufactured boxes, as long as there is no drug "residue" in the box. How is residue defined? (Most U.S. paper currency carries measurable traces of cocaine and other drugs).
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