Fellow pro-gun Ohioans,
Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OFCC) just won a MAJOR POINT in our legal battle with the flamingly anti-gun City of Oberlin.  Part of the decision just handed down by the Ohio 9th District Court of Appeals says that OFCC did, in fact, prevail in a legal challenge because our filing a lawsuit forced the city's hand in regards to repealing their blatantly anti-gun ordinances.  See the complete decision here:

This is historic.  For years we have been trying to bare the fangs of ORC 9.68, the statewide preemption of firearms laws we all fought so hard for, and finally that day has arrived!  But it isn't all roses and rainbows.  In the same decision the court upheld "mirror ordinances" which are gun ordinances that read identically to state law even though the Ohio Supreme Court has previously stated that such ordinances are displaced by ORC 9.68 statewide preemption.  Thus, the fight goes on.

It is possible that the City of Oberlin may appeal this ruling to the Ohio Supreme Court.  OFCC will consult with our legal team to decide if we should appeal the portion about the mirror ordinances as well.  Furthermore, we still await the outcome of our appeal against the City of Cleveland in the Ohio 8th District Court of Appeals.  All of these fights are intense, expensive and WORTH IT.  Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty!


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