Fellow pro-gun Ohioans,
Today (Wednesday 11/1/17) the Ohio Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal from the City of Oberlin against OFCC.  That means the landmark decision OFCC won back in January in the 9th District Court of Appeals against Oberlin STANDS FIRM!!!
What does this mean for pro-gun Ohioans?  It means that the statewide preemption of firearms laws we fought for, and now embodied in ORC 9.68, finally has some teeth.  It means that every city in the State of Ohio now knows that not only will they lose if they try to uphold their anti-gun ordinances but also that they will have to pay the legal fees of the pro-gun groups who fight them.
This is a new day for freedom in Ohio.  OFCC is proud to have been a part of this effort.  We THANK YOU for all of your support!  We can't do any of this without YOUR HELP!
This is not the only case OFCC has at the Ohio Supreme Court.  Our lawsuit against the City of Cleveland is also waiting for the justices to consider it.  We are confident of victory there as well.
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