Fellow pro-gun Ohioans,
Just as last week saw movement on gun bills in the congress this week sees substantial movement in the Ohio Statehouse:
SB180 is getting its third hearing on Tuesday 12/12/2017 before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  OFCC encourages all fellow gun rights activists to contact every member of the committee to express support for SB180 which removes the duty to retreat from Ohio law.
But that's not all.  SB234 is also getting its first hearing before the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee.  This is a bill that prevents poor people who can only afford to live in subsidized housing from losing their fundamental right of firearm ownership.  Please contact the members of the committee to urge swift passage of this bill.
Remember HB142?  That bill used to simply eliminate the notification requirement when a CHL holder encounters law enforcement until shadowy forces in the Ohio House started tinkering with it and made a mess of the whole thing.  Now it is over in the Ohio Senate and will also be getting its first hearing before the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee.  Please contact the committee members and urge them to revert HB142 back to the original "as-introduced" language that had a clean repeal of the notification requirement.  Our members have repeatedly told us that this is their highest priority in this General Assembly and we agree.
If you don't know who your senator is please follow this link and put in your zip code at the bottom left of the page:
Additionally, HB228 will have its second hearing Wednesday 12/13/2017 before the House Federalism and Interstate Relations Committee.  This is the house version of the bill to remove the duty to retreat from Ohio law.  In this case the committee notice included a comment about a possible amendment or substitute bill.  We are watching very carefully to see how that plays out.
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