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Today we sent out the following press release:
Lawyers for Ohioans for Concealed Carry (OFCC) and Students for Concealed Carry Foundation (SCCF) will argue tomorrow morning at 9:00 am before Judge Jim Slagle in Marion County Common Pleas Court against dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the unlawful policies of The Ohio State University (OSU), which grossly violate Ohio’s statewide preemption law, ORC Section 9.68. OSU has asked for “summary judgment” in this declaratory judgment action, where the plaintiffs have asked for a court declaration that OSU’s policies disarming students and staff violate preemption. If we prevail in our challenge, OSU will have to pay our legal fees.
OSU is being represented by a high priced Columbus firm as “special counsel” to Attorney General Mike DeWine using taxpayer dollars. While it is the duty of the AG to defend state entities in such lawsuits, one must ask when an attorney's duty is to advise the client that settlement (which we've attempted to reach) is in the public’s best interest. This legal position is something to consider as we select our next governor.
OFCC and SCCF are represented by Columbus attorneys Derek A. DeBrosse and Michael R. Moran. OFCC represents Ohio’s more than half a million concealed carry licensees. Since 1999, the group has sought to protect rights of law-abiding Ohioans under both the Second Amendment and Ohio’s state constitution.
Link to the case:
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