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You knew it was coming.  You knew the anti-gunners would find SOMEBODY in the Ohio General Assembly to propose a law limiting our rights.  You KNEW it would be some worthless piece of junk of a bill.  You were right, and here it is, the Ohio Assault Weapons Ban of 2018:
But while the list of usual suspects as co-sponsors of that bill make it a bit of a snoozer we have another worry.  Governor Kasich recently fell back to his gun-grabbing ways like when he was in congress and voted for the Clinton 1994 Assault Weapons Ban:
So...we could very well see Governor Kasich coming out in favor of this new gun grab.  Make no mistake - this bill isn't just about AR-15s but would also catch virtually every semi-automatic firearm on the market today.  That includes most semi-automatic pistols that law-abiding concealed handgun licensees prefer to carry.  This is the real deal.  This is what the anti-gun folks live for.  This is why we fight against them.
Mark down Sunday April 29th on your calendars.  That's when we'll be holding our annual Fun & Gun event!  This is our big annual fundraiser to keep the organization running.  It's also a ton of fun!!!  Details are in the registration link here:
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