For many years since Ohioans For Concealed Carry wrote and passed restaurant carry into law our supporters have made it clear that one of their number one priorities for us to achieve as an organization is repealing "active notification", or the requirement that you must "promptly" notify or commit a crime.   We are pleased to announce that the day has come.

HB425 was recently introduced to address this issue and OFCC has been working behind the scenes to this end.  This coming Wednesday, February 19th, there is going to be a hearing in the House Federalism Committee where the agenda currently indicate an amendment is possible.  Word is that this amendment will turn HB425 into a CLEAN REPEAL of the active notification requirement.  This is great news!
Under current law, when a CHL holder is stopped by law enforcement and is carrying their gun they have to "promptly notify" their carry status.  Very few states require this "active notification" which is a legal trap that has been abused by certain anti-gun prosecutors.  If the proposed amendment to HB425 becomes law we will no longer have to "promptly notify" in Ohio (but, of course, anyone can still continue to offer up that information without fear of being arrested for doing so "too late")
Please contact your state representative to tell them that you support amending HB425 to become a CLEAN REPEAL of the "active notification" requirement.  You can find your state rep here: - At the bottom left of that screen there is a "Member Search" feature.  If you put in your address it will take you to a map where you can click on your district and see who your representative is.