Stand Your Ground goes into effect tomorrow, April 6th! 

Senate Bill 175 removes the duty to retreat in Ohio and takes effect on April 6th, 2021.
OFCC thanks State Senators Dr. Terry Johnson and Tim Schaffer for making it happen and for all their work over the years for our cause.
No one should have to run or take a beating before they can defend themselves, especially during this current surge in violent crime our society has experienced this past year.
This is a major step forward in restoring our rights as a free people.
Contrary to the anti-gun media, this is not a "license to kill", nor does it make people of color less safe and will not increase the number of gun deaths in America.  This "blood in the streets" rhetoric is typical of the opponents of gun rights and has been shown to be false in every state that has restored the people's rights to keep and bear arms for self-defense. 
What this bill does is simply remove the duty to retreat before a person can use deadly force in defense of themself or another.  A person must still meet the other requirements for self-defense, which are: The person must have the legal right to be there.  The person cannot have started or escalated the altercation.  Finally, and most importantly, the person must be in reasonable fear of imminent danger to their life or serious bodily harm and must be able to articulate that fear.