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Ohioans for Concealed Carry is happy to be returning to Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association on Sunday, September 26th, 2021 for our annual Fun N Gun event.  Things will kick off bright and early on Sunday, September 26th at 8:00am.

 If you’re tired of being jammed in a lane at local indoor ranges breathing foul air and want some flat-out fun in the great outdoors then come to Wilmington, Ohio and experience Fun N Gun. It’s a challenging but exciting day of fellowship at a range where gun safety is prioritized.

 Last year and again this year we have had to deal with a variety of challenges.  From a firearm enthusiasts’ perspective, it’s downright brutal out there.  We totally empathize as we are being directly affected too.  With that in mind, we’ve significantly lowered our registration price as well as ensured that you have the choice to bring the caliber of ammunition that best fits your budgetary needs. The cost this year is $100 per shooter.

 CCFSA’s range provides an almost perfect atmosphere for you to test your abilities and gear in a positive way under the watchful eyes and supervision of instructors and safety officers.  Utilizing center fire or rimfire handguns newer and experienced shooters will run a variety of courses of fire designed around self-defense scenarios (IDPA style) and The Steel Challenge (shooting various sized steel plates at different distances). Handguns with optics are permitted. Although the shooting will be IDPA style this is not a competition - it is a day of fun shooting with like-minded folks from around the state.

 On the day of the event, you can purchase 2 shots on a .50 BMG for $15, or enter for a chance at 3 shots for $20.

 Hot food and drinks will be available to purchase from the kitchen at the facility.  Cash or credit cards will be accepted.  You are welcome to bring your own food as well.

 Once again, we are seeing another extraordinary push to limit our 2nd Amendment freedoms. OFCC remains steadfast in protecting your rights and the rights of other law abiding gun owners here in Ohio. Your participation in this fundraiser not only gets you on the range but also helps us continue our work for you. To learn more about this Fun n Gun or to register, follow this link.

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