Mayor Frank Jackson’s latest gun-control agenda, announced June 17, is a truly offensive publicity stunt.

More than half of his 18 "new" anti-gun proposals already exist as well-known state laws, having become important sections of the Ohio Revised Code years ago.

The remaining proposals contradict state law, and therefore

While this was originally written in February of 2013, it holds as much weight now as it ever did. This is an actual letter that was written to President Barack Obama by a student that survived the Columbine School Shooting of April 20, 1999.

We must never forget what

It doesn’t matter where you stand politically when a multiple-casualty shooting happens in the United
States – we all feel sick, and we all want the answer to one question: How can we make sure that this never
happens again?

Could stricter gun control laws have prevented the Isla Vista shootings?

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