Just this past week our President decided the time to “make his mark” on gun control was rapidly drawing to a close. So he chose to do what he has long threatened to do and simply bypass Congress and make law by Executive Order. Never mind the fact it can be claimed EOs have no real Constitutional basis – they have been used for too long by Presidents of both parties to expect they’re going to go away. But President Obama has taken their use - or perhaps abuse is a better word - to a whole new level.


To read the White House Fact Sheet, go here:


And do not expect Congress to do anything about this latest… Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell have expressed no interest in fighting him on this. They state “…the courts won’t let this stand.” …and just how many years will that take? Politics as usual presumably.

Today Ohioans For Concealed Carry, joined by a member of the organization and resident of Cleveland, filed a taxpayer action against the City of Cleveland challenging illegal gun control legislation City Council adopted April 20th. Further, the organization is seeking Mandamus to compel the city to provide public records

Fellow pro-gun Ohioans,
Did you know that your Ohio CHL is now valid in Pennsylvania?
Due to the efforts of concealed carry law reform Ohio now qualifies as a "statutory reciprocity" state with Pennsylvania. Details can be found here under category 2:
This is yet another

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