(Or Why You Should Think Twice Before Posting Your Story)

Ohio has just changed its 150 year old rule regarding Attorney Client Privilege. Previously, the privilege could only be waived by agreement of the client or by the client testifying voluntarily to matters discussed with the attorney. Now, it can be waived if the client “voluntarily reveals the substance of attorney-client communications in a non-privileged context[.]”

Do you have a box or drawer full of holsters that you hardly ever wear anymore?  Ever wondered how carrying in different manners and/or at different locations could affect your draw stroke when you need it? 

In the interest of fairness and reason, I am compelled to respond to your article of May 5, "Sarah Palin's appearance at the National Rifle Association convention is perfect for phony 'patriots'." The author does nothing to advance a constructive national dialogue on guns, but rather invokes a series of bigoted stereotypes: gun owners are dumb, Sarah Palin is an attention monger, and anyone with differing views is somehow paid by the NRA. The writer manages to get all of these silly narratives to converge, creating a rant noteworthy for both its arrogance and incompetence.  

While Second Amendment scholars read this drivel and alternately laugh and fume, the typical reader might wonder how much of it is valid -- and perhaps have their views slightly nudged. We're here to nudge back.
Let's address each of the author's false assertions.

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