OFCC's 2012 Tony Gordon Memorial Award was formally presented to State Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R-District 68) in his Columbus office on Oct. 20. OFCC Director Gary Witt made the presentation.

Rep. Rosenberger's award had been announced at OFCC’s 2012 Picnic in the Park on August 11, but logistics prevented the

Today the Cleveland police department held another so called "gun buy back" (as if they ever owned the guns so were in a position to buy them back) and top brass were upset that private citizens were out front offering higher prices for the firearms being brought in.

As Cleveland cops exchanged gift cards and sports tickets for guns Saturday, they watched as a cadre of young men stood nearby and offered cash for weapons.

And it was all legal.

They not only had the audacity to feed off a police safety initiative, one of the few in the country, but showed up with copies of the Ohio Revised Code that condoned their conduct, police said.

The audacity! Private citizens engaging in legal commerce and disrupting attempts to disarm and defraud at the same time.

Columbus police reported yesterday, one man was killed during an attempted home invasion in the 3000 block of Easthaven Drive.  The incident occurred in broad daylight during early the afternoon hours.  The occupant shot and killed a 20 year old male, whose name has not been released.

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