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It seems the adage, "Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it" recently served a young man well.

On September 29th, just before midnight on West Market Street in Akron, a young man was initially caught by surprisewhen two masked men with

One Lawyer’s Personal View (in other words, this is not legal advice, nor is it the “official” position of OFCC)

Readers of this article likely know that, from time to time, lawful carriers of firearms find themselves interacting with law enforcement officers.  We have all seen reports from people who have had these encounters, and they seem to fall into one of two categories:  the person who has a desire to make the encounter as brief as possible, and the person who desires to challenge police authority.  Unfortunately, those in the latter category often find themselves involved in the legal system, usually without having planned for that eventuality, and without the knowledge or foresight to understand the nature and extent of that involvement.  This brief article may be of use to both groups.

My personal observation is that many officers seem to feel compelled to conduct some cursory investigation when they receive a call about a person wearing a gun.  I will not endeavor to analyze why that is, or whether it should be the case.  But it suggests that we should have a working knowledge of what the law requires when an officer approaches and stops an armed person.

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