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On May 30th, 2006 OFCC Member Daniel Sayers, a concealed handgun license holder, was carrying openly and going about his business in Oregon, Ohio at a Sunoco gas station. He went into the gas station to pay for his gas, returned to clean his windshield and checked his oil before proceeding on his way to work.

Another patron of the establishment apparently called 911 to report a "man with guns on his hip" entering the store.

Oregon police responded, detained, and eventually arrested Sayers. He was charged with one concealed carry related charge (failure to notify the police he had a license and was carrying), and a local Oregon ordinance that completely prohibits possession of a firearm in public.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry became involved in this case, and created the Dan Sayers Legal Defense Fund, upon learning the facts of the case. This page will serve as a repository of stories we've written and supporting evidence that we've acquired, such as video, legal briefs, etc.

Dashcam Video:

OFCC used to have our own copy of the dashcam video that was provided through Mr. Sayers' attorney with permission. That link has been disabled.

You may see the dashcam video posted on YouTube HERE.

Legal Briefs:

Motion To Reconsider (PDF)
Oregon Ordinances (PDF)
Motion To Dismiss (on Sixth District Ruling) Denied (PDF)
Supplemental Authority and Memo in Support of Dismissing the State’s indictments (PDF)
Oregon Response To Motion To Dismiss (PDF)
Motion to Dismiss (PDF)
Motion To Suppress Evidence & Statements (PDF)

OhioCCW.ORG Stories:

Monday, 05 June 2006
Open Carry Leads To Felony Traffic Stop; Suspended License

Friday, 09 June 2006
UPDATE: OFCC Member's License Returned

Friday, 09 June 2006
OFCC Announces The Dan Sayers Legal Defense Fund

Monday, 24 July 2006
Oregon Ohio: Sayers Attorney Motion To Dismiss

Wednesday, 26 July 2006
Sayers Case: Motion to Suppress Evidence and Statements Filed

Tuesday, 15 August 2006
Oregon Files Response To Motion To Dismiss

Tuesday, 12 September 2006
Sayers Case: Using the Sixth District Ruling For Dismissal

Tuesday, 19 September 2006
Sayers: Motion To Dimiss Denied

Monday, 09 October 2006
Sayers Legal Defense Fund Exceeds Initial Goal

Wednesday, 06 June 2007
City of Oregon v Daniel Sayers Dismissed!
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