HB422, a bill introduced earlier this week that would eliminate Ohio's onerous notification requirement, has been referred to the Ohio House of Representatives' State Government and Elections Committee. This is a positive first step in moving the bill down the long road to becoming law. Ohioans for Concealed Carry proposed the specific language and provisions now contained in HB422 and worked closely with Rep. Maag (Dist. 35), who introduced the bill.

A second pro-gun bill introduced this week, HB425, also was referred to the State Government and Elections Committee. HB425 would allow concealed carry licensees to possess or store a handgun in a motor vehicle in the State Underground Parking Garage, or in any parking garage or lot that is owned and operated by the Ohio Building Authority, or is all or part of a state government facility.

Updates on HB422 and HB425 will be posted here as information becomes available. You also can follow the progress of these bills here: HB422, HB425 (click "status report of legislation" on the left side of page).


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