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Frequent Questions

Ohio firearms laws are complex and full of traps for the unwary. These FAQs use plain English.


Firearms Training

Proper instruction is key to responsible firearm ownership. We can help you find local instructors in your area


Do Not Patronize

A community collaboration and comprehensive statewide database of places turning away your business.

We have upgraded the OFCC webstore to a new software solution. As part of this, we will gain numerous administrative enhancements as well as the ability to customize the look and feel to more closely resemble the OFCC main website. We are also very happy to be working with the company that built the software package, as their co-founder and their sales manager are both gun rights activists in Texas and have concealed carry licenses.

Existing customer accounts were migrated to the new package, but were unable to migrate account passwords. Therefore, accounts were set with a temporary password of the person's date of birth. Email address are still used as  login IDs.

Existing customers should enter their date of birth without any slashes or dashes as their temporary password. If the day is only one digit, please add a zero. Do not add the zero for the month.


3/1/1954 would yield a password of 3011954. If this does not work (some people did enter an obviously false DOB), you can use the password recovery link to reset your password.

The store's temporary address is: http://ohioccw.americommerce.com

When we are ready to deactivate the old store completely, we will move the URL and SSL certificate of the old store.

We hope our customers will enjoy the new features and we thanks all of our members and supporters for their patronage. We also continue to operate the OFCC Bookstore and More, though which purchases can be made through Amazon.com with a portion of each sale being paid back to OFCC as an affiliate bonus.


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