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Fellow pro-gun Ohioans,
You may have been following the ongoing story of our lawsuits challenging the blatantly anti-gun ordinances passed by Columbus and Cincinnati.  These are fights to defend the "statewide preemption" law found in ORC9.68 that prohibits local municipalities from enacting firearms laws stricter than the state has set.  With your help we are winning these battles but they are far from over.  In the Columbus case, currently in the tenth district court of appeals, there is a development you all should know about.
This week the office of Attorney General Mike DeWine filed a "Friend of the Court" brief that you can read for yourself here:
In summary, Attorney General Mike DeWine is vigorously defending the "statewide preemption" statute that we pro-gun Ohioans fought so hard to get enshrined into law.  He is battling back against the anti-gun forces of Columbus and demanding that they respect the will of the General Assembly.  This is a BIG development because the appeals court could look very favorably upon the interpretation of the law from the Ohio Attorney General.
We at Ohioans for Concealed Carry SALUTE Mike DeWine for stepping up to the plate and fighting for our rights!
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