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Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) will be running an asinine 30-second commercial during the Superbowl. I've seen it already, but I won't spoil it for you. You'll take pleasure in how they've decided to waste several million dollars.

Funnier than the commercial is this MAIG fact: A member of MAIG is 12 to 45 times more likely to have been convicted of a serious crime than a concealed carry permit holder. (The mayors are at least 12 times more likely to have been convicted of perjury, fraud, child sexual assault, and all other major crimes, but they can be up to 45 times more likely, depending on which state's permit holders they are compared to, and which time periods are used for comparison).

The NRA has published this list of recent news reports about the criminal behavior of MAIG members:

Coaldale, Pa. Mayor faces pornography charges [child pornography]

Brownsville Mayor has third DWI arrest

Monticello, N.Y. Mayor pleads guilty [five counts of trademark counterfeiting]

Mayor of Tamarac, Fla. turns herself in [bribery and official misconduct]

Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez sentenced to three years in prison [five felony corruption charges, including extortion]

Embattled Racine mayor resigns [facing charges in Internet sex sting]

After arrest, mayor denies injuring wife [White Plains, NY]

Inglewood [CA] mayor resigns before pleading guilty

Baltimore Mayor resigns after pleading guilty to stealing from the poor

[Birmingham, AL Mayor] Larry Langford found guilty on all 60 counts

Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick sentenced to four months

[Guttenberg, NJ] New Jersey Mayor and wife sentenced for extortion

[Passaic, NJ] Mayor with a past has a future in prison

Will Wynn [Austin, TX Mayor, charged with assualt]

The Mayor of Jersey City is convicted [obstructing justice]

A Bloomberg anti-gun mayor is charged with carrying weapon [Jackson, MS Mayor Frank Melton]

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