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This historic looking web counter represents an estimate of the number of concealed handgun licenses issued in the State of Ohio as of right this minute. On April 8th, 2004 the State of Ohio's long awaited concealed handgun license system went into place and while Sheriffs were required to recognize out-of-state licenses immediately the issuance of licenses in Ohio began that day.

Since then the Ohio Attorney General's office has released quarterly and annual updates on the statistical analysis of Ohio's 88 County Sheriffs that issue, deny, or revoke licenses based on Ohio's strict licensing system. Those numbers reveal how often an Ohioan becomes licensed within the respective period.

Based on the reports issued by the Attorney General's office we're estimating one license is issued every 23 minutes and 49 seconds, or approximately three licenses per hour every day of the week.

When you look at the numbers in this fashion it sure puts the number of licensed Ohioans into perspective. While the overall total number of Ohioans may not impress our opponents the fact is the only other government program we can think of that has been this successful and popular is the "Do Not Call" registry.

It's important to realize that this counter is an estimate based on a theory. We're incrementing the counter based on past results that may or may not represent future progress. When additional information becomes available through future reports we will adjust this counter and the rate of incrementation used to derive the estimated figure.

The Attorney General's Website has the 2008 Annual Report available in PDF format if you're like to read up on the last annual statistic reporting.
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